Laser system Fotona

Unique laser technology FT (Fotona Technology) - the highest standard of quality, efficacy and safety of the procedures carried out with the use of erbium and neodymium lasers.


Video Endoscopy System Olympus CV-150

Video Endoscopy System Olympus CV-150 to survey the upper or lower gastrointestinal tract, bronchoscopy or more specialized procedures


InnoScan 710 - 2-colour Fluorescence Microarray Scanner




Characterised by its ease-of-use, speed and image quality, InnoScan®710 is an ideal tool for routine microarray reading...


Immunochemical analyzer Cobas e 411 HITACHI Hoffman Le Roche company (Switzerland)

This immunochemical electrochemiluminiscent robot-automat was
developed by Hoffman Le Roche company (Switzerland) for performing of full spectrum of laboratory tests .
Ready to use reagents in special cartridges ,automated software program with the bare code to express-analyses and uninterrupted process are supply comfortable work of laboratory...


Hematology analyzer XT-2000i Sysmex company (Japan)

New hematology analyzer XT-2000i of Sysmex company based on revolutionary technology running cytofluorimetry. Using of this instrument guaranteed accurate results and clear division of normal and pathological specimens. Sysmex XT is fully automated machine for performing of 30 tests, include WBC and platelets...


Automatic coagulometr CA-560 Sysmex (Japan)

Automatic coagulometr CA-560 SYSMEX (Japan) provides high performance
and quality of analyses. 50 tests per hour .Coagulometr carries out random access simultaneously for five selected parameters with automatic drawing of calibration curves...


Urinary analyzer Sysmex UF 1000i (Japan)

Special urinary flow cytometer fluorescent Sysmex UF-1000I provides the user with a wide rang of clinical analyzes ,such as the counting of WBCs, RBCs, bacterial and yeast cells in urine and help to decision about the sours of inflammation and hematuria. Collection of all dates on the display gives a quick and simple overview of the patients condition and helps in monitoring of the disease and treatment...


CFX96™ Real-Time PCR Detection System







The CFX96 optical reaction module converts a C1000TM thermal cycler into a powerful and precise real-time PCR detection system. This six-channel real-time PCR system combines advanced optical technology with precise thermal control to deliver sensitive, reliable detection. The CFX96 system's solid-state optical technology (six filtered LEDs, each with a corresponding filtered photodiode) maximizes fluorescence detection for specific dyes in specific channels, providing sensitive detection for precise quantitation and target discrimination. Scanning just above the sample plate, the optics shuttle individually illuminates and reads fluorescence from each well with high sensitivity and no cross talk. At every position and with every scan, the optics shuttle is reproducibly centered above each well, so the light path is always optimal and there is no need to sacrifice data collection in one of the channels to normalize to a passive reference...


Termocicler Rotor-Gene 6000 Corbett Research(Austrelia)

Rotor type amplificator with the optic system destined for PCR and "real-time" detection. It is a product of the "Corbett research" company (Australia).It is a first in the world 6-channels instrument for amplification in "real time" with the broadest spectrum of initiation and detection of fluorescention;
Quantitative PCR:
viral infections
concentration of genetically modified ingredients
gene expression
Qualitative PCR:
Identification of pathogenic microbes
Simultaneous determination of few microbes in one specimen
The genotyping of microorganisms
Detection of point mutations and genetic polymorphism...


Alegria Orgentec (Germany)

Alegria-new automatic Analyzer for laboratory diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. Taking into account the requests of different diagnostic laboratories, the company Orgentec developed the Analyzer
Alegria, opening new horizons in diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.
The Analyzer Alegria used IFA method, which is characterized by high sensitivity and reproducibility. The process of determining autoantibody is fully automated. The parser Alegria-a wide range of user settings.
Alegria-machine with individual settings for each patient. Now you can perform diagnostic tests, specially adapted to the needs of the laboratory. On the Analyzer Alegria grade each patient can explore on individual parameters, resulting in savings and improves the quality of patient care. Due to the fact that for each loop analysis does not require additional calibrators, even setting individual analyses becomes useful...


Multiparametric instrument CHORUS (DIESSE Italy)






A multi-parametric analyzer for infectious diseases and autoimmunity with single-test, ready-to-use device containing all the necessary reagents to perform the assay.
The serum sample is manually dispensed in the device by the user; the instrument will automatically perform all the operations (dilutions, dispensantions, wahings, photometric readings). The results are printed by the internal thermal printer or sent to the host computer through the Laboratory Information System.


Mass spectrometr SEQUENOM

The mass-spectrometer is intended for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of genom. Principle MALDI-TOF Mass spectrometria provides unsurpassed sensitivity and specificity.