New genetic site

To save your time, we have created a new website where are collected all genetic tests conducted at the center "SHAFA".

All genetic tests are performed by our specialists at SHAFA.

On this website You will be able:

  • Find the genetic analysis you are interested in by name in three languages
  • You need to find the genetic analysis of biological material
  • For more information, click the question mark in the line (?)
  • For convenience, a response form template is attached to each analysis
  • Devices and methods of genetic diagnostics used by us are described


Experts of the centre "SHAFA",working in the Department of genetics is always ready to provide assistance to doctors and patients who have not yet chosen the genetic studies, has difficulties with the interpretation of the answers of the analyses carried out in other centers, etc.

The range of genetic services at the SHAFA centre also includes cooperation in the field of science. Genetic analysis at a reduced price, the creation of individual design and synthesis of primers.