Khojaly tragedy

In the period which began with the 1988 Armenian- Azerbaijani Nagorno- Karabakh conflict, one of the most horrific , tragic , with very little precedent in the history of events was a genocide that occurred in Khojaly - one of the oldest settlements in Karabakh.
On the night of the 25th to 26th of February 1992 , the Armenian armed forces with the support located in Khankendi 366th regiment of the former Soviet Union attacked the unarmed and defenseless town of Khojaly . First, the city on all four sides was surrounded by Armenian troops , then Khojaly was hard and mercilessly fired from artillery and heavy military equipment , for a short time in the city there was a fire , the city was completely enveloped in flames. Defenders of the city and the local people were forced to leave the city. By 5 o'clock in the morning on February 26 the city was captured by Armenian invaders.
Overnight ancient Khojaly was razed to the ground .

Azerbaijani government and its people will never forget and will never forget Khojaly tragedy .

President Heydar Aliyev March 1, 1994 , issued the first of this special decree . Decision of Milli Majlis ( National Assembly ) of the Republic of Azerbaijan declared February 26 the "Day of Khojaly genocide and national mourning " , reported by all international organizations .

February 25, 1997 - the year President Heydar Aliyev issued a decree " On declaring a minute's silence in memory of the victims of the Khojaly genocide ."