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Genetic testing plan

Genetic counseling include:

  • Initial consultation (the subsequent interpretation of the results of genetic research)
  • Cytogenetic researches (analysis of chromosomes,karyotype)
  • Molecular genetic researches (analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism,SNP )


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İnsurance Department


axa mbaskatasigortaatashgah smeqa sstandartazsigorta Qala sığorta

NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Test)

Azerbaijan’s first test for the determination of genetic abnormalities in the fetus from the 9th week of pregnancy in the mother’s blood by fetal cells.

Trisomy 21 - Down Syndrome

Trisomy 18 - Edwards syndrome

Trisomy 13 - Patau Syndrome

Turner's syndrome - monosomy X

Triple X-chromosome syndrome - XXX

Klinefelter syndrome - XXY

Jacob Syndrome - XYY

Fetal definitions - Y chromosomes

D-George syndrome

1p36 deletion syndrome

Prader's Syndrome - Willie

Angelman syndrome

Cat Scream Syndrome

Wolff-Hirshhorn Syndrome


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