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Genetic testing plan

Genetic counseling include:

  • Initial consultation (the subsequent interpretation of the results of genetic research)
  • Cytogenetic researches (analysis of chromosomes,karyotype)
  • Molecular genetic researches (analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism,SNP )


Read more in attached PDF-documents.

Analyses are conducted on the scanner InnoScan 710 firms Innopsys, test systems and firm BlueGnom
Mass Array on equipment company Sequenom.




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Treatment and Diagnostics Center of SHAFA is a high technological laboratory equipped with certificated new generation eguipment, which allows to perform a wide spectrum of reliable and exact tests, including very complicated ones, in  a very short time.

We have good experience, high technological laboratory and state-of-the art automated analyzers manufactured by the most prominent companies in this area.

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Our address:
84, Zardabi ave., 1011 Baku, Azerbaijan


(+994 12) 448-38-11; 448-38-12; 448-38-13
(+994 55) 448-38-11; 448-38-12; 448-38-13

(+994 12) 433-09-40

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Our specialists

Alesgerov  Rustam Physician-transfusiologist...


Eminbeyli Umai Physician-reanimatologist...


Allahverdova Almaz Physician-otorinolaringologist...




The main activity of LDC "Shafa" is to provide services in the field of advanced laboratory diagnosis population and ...


Department of genetic tests at Shafa Diagnostics and Treatment Center includes two genetic laboratories:

1. Mass Spectrometry Laboratory MS  (method of tandem mass spectrometry, MALDI-TOF)

2. Microarray Laboratory  (CGH Array - method of comparative genomic hybridization) ...